Series "The Amazing Adventures Of Lost Socks"

The Amazing Adventures Of Lost Socks | promotional support

Have you ever thought about what happens to all those missing socks we all loose in the laundry? They might just want to have more fascinating lives than just serving our feet, perhaps being a movie star or a politician.

This series tells the amazing stories of what really happens to lost socks.

Despite the advances made in science, there are still certain phenomena that have seemed impossible to explain until now. One of them is the mystery of disappearing socks. Each of us has had this experience; we put a pair of socks into the washing machine and an hour later take out... Just one sock!
So, where is the other sock? Has it vanished, evaporated, escaped?! This global problem loomed large in the minds of researchers around the world until the launch of “The Amazing Adventures of Lost Socks” project.

This animated children’s series presents stories of the adventures single socks have out in the world. Each episode explains what happens to the missing sock. It turns out that they escape through a hole under the washing machine, and, after going through a dark corridor inhabited by extremely friendly spiders, they find themselves out in the big wide world.



Animapol Sp. z o.o. (PL)
Sparkle Animation (POR)
ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Filmograf sp z o.o., SA Sztuka

Producers: Paweł Wendorff, Włodzimierz Matuszewski
Script: Justyna Bednarek
Directors: Elżbieta Wąsik, Janusz Martyn
Art Design: Daniel de Latour
Productions stage: preproduction, all scripts ready; six minutes of pilot episode ready;

Length: 26 episodes x 9’
Main target group: 6-9 years old
Animation technique: 2D
Production estimated budget: 1 550 000 Euro 


The project will be presented during Junior Co-production Market Cinekid in Amsterdam from 19th to 22nd October 2021.

The attendance of the presenter of the project Agnieszka Kowalewska-Skowron is funded by the Polish Film Institute

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The promotion of the project at the event is supported by Many Mornings.

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