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The #bajkizpolski project includes polish series and animated films for children, distributed by MOMAKIN. The initiators of the initiative want to build awareness that Poland produces valuable fairy tales, so important in developing children's imagination. #bajkizpolski is also a form of support for parents who are looking for an attractive and high-quality cultural offer for their children. 

- Young people should be familiarized with various forms and types of artistic activities from an early age, so that they can consciously choose from cultural diversity and, consequently, develop a habit of participation in culture - says Paulina Zacharek. Animation is a well-acquired form of art for the youngest therefore it can become for them a gate to other fields of culture. - she adds.
#bajkizpolski in various compilations and sets appear in cinemas and in art-house movie theaters, furthermore on streaming platforms.

#bajkizpolski is the heart of a new educational project that will start in the second half of 2021.
Project implemented in Poland.