ASK: Animation Support Kit is an online program for animation creators looking for specific solutions for their projects or wanting to improve their skills.

The ASK consist of: consultations with experts on issues selected by the participant in the field of design and building of animation puppets and stop motion animation and a 3-week animatic workshop.

Animation creators will have a chance to discuss specific solutions with such recognised practitioners as Tim Allen, Magdalena Bieszczak, Sylwia Nowak, Piotr Knabe i Marcin Zalewski.

The project takes place under Skwigly Animation Magazine media patronage.
ASK is a program of consultations with experts on selected issues regarding stop motion animation and topics related to the animation puppets' - design, construction, selection of techniques, creating human and animal puppet characters, and a 3-week workshop on animatic.


Highly-polished animatic that includes moving cameras, depth-of-field, and blocked character animation? That’s possible! Join the ASK: Animation Support Kit for a 3-week workshop with Martin Bell.


Consultation as part of the ASK: Animation Support Kit is an opportunity to discuss with an expert a selected issue (or issues) regarding a planned or implemented film project (at any stage of development).