Format: feature film
Dialogues: Polish
Length: 90’
Directed by: Mikołaj Haremski
Production: Studio Filmowe Anima-Pol
Production year: 2013

Twelve-year-old Tomek’s passion are cars, which is why he spends all his free time in a garage. Under the watchful eye of the mechanic Raszyński, he discovers the secrets of building cars. One day, the boy escapes from the house of his grandparents, with whom he has lived since his mother's death, and sets off in search of his father. No sooner does his escapade begin, he gets in trouble, from which he leaves unscathed thanks to the help of a new friend, Gabryś. Despite the difficult beginning of their acquaintance, the boys make friends. Gabryś’s supernatural abilities start to show increasingly often. Raszyński follows Tomek, who is getting closer to meeting his father as well as discovering Gabriel's secret.

The film has received many awards at international festivals, including at the Cinerockom Festival in Los Angeles, the Schlingen Festival in Chemnitz and the Green Bay Film Festival.

Gabriel plakat