Type of animation: 2D
No dialogues
Length: 5'
Directed by: Grzegorz Wacławek
Production: Animoon Production year: 2016

Look around this backyard –– it is similar to many others, yet quite unique. Dozens of colorful memories hide in its old walls. For the protagonist of the film, a young boy, it is a safe place where he grows up and discovers what fun, friendship and curiosity are.

Years later, as an adult man, he tries to revive his memories, if only for a moment. In the place that has changed significantly over time, joy, sadness and longing for past happiness mix in a strange way. In the memory of the protagonist, it is the childhood images that are most vibrant. Shapes and colors are still vivid while familiar sounds keep coming back.

“Podwórko" is the melancholic tale of an attempt to return to the days of carefree childhood and a deep longing for a world that is forever gone.

Podwrko 3