Type of animation: 2D
Dialogues: Polish
Episode length: 13'
Directed by: Andrzej Kukuła
Production: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Sp. z o.o.
Production year: 2017

"Kobiałka z rozumem" is one of the films from the series “Polish Fairy Tales and Fables,” based on the motifs of well-known Polish fairy tales, fables and legends. Thanks to the open form, individual parts differ in style and aesthetics, showing artistic richness and diversity of interpretation. The series has won many awards at Polish and international festivals.

A long, long time ago, or maybe not so long ago... there lived a wicked and sly Castellan and his insidious servant Claw. Jaś, who looks after Goose, also serves in the court. Claw often takes advantage of Jaś and continues to send him to the village with errands. The local peasants are very poor, because Castellan has taken almost everything from them, so when Jaś knocks on the door of the peasant huts again, he leaves empty-handed.

One time, on the way back, he meets a Beautiful Lady. In exchange for his help with the damaged cart wheel, he gets a tablecloth and a spell, thanks to which various dishes appear on the table. Despite Goose’s protests, he shows the gift to Castellan and Claw. At night, Claw steals the magic tablecloth from him, and in the morning, he sends him to the village for overdue taxes. This time, the Beautiful Lady gifts Jaś with a lamb, which sprinkles gold coins from its fleece when shaken. Although Jaś tries to hide it, Claw steals it and sends him out into the world: if he finds the world's greatest mind, he will become the Castellan. Worried, Jaś meets the Beautiful Lady in the forest and this time he gets a fruit basket with a mind…

BiBP Kobiaka z rozumem