Type of animation: 3D
No dialogues
Number of episodes: 3
Episode length: 5'
Available episodes: Winter tournament, Let’s take photos, Dzióbek wants to fly
Directed by: Piotr Pestka
Production: MAPEPI
Production year: 2016

An animated series for children about the strength of friendship.

Outside the city, on the edge of the forest, live the best friends under the sun: a cheerful dog Buźka with a head full of ideas, and an inquisitive and energetic little bird Dzióbek. Buźka and Dzióbek met long ago when the bird was still tiny. At that time, Dzióbek roamed the forest in search of the perfect place to live in. When he was walking perkily by the house of Buźka, he aroused the interest of the dog, who decided to invite him for tea. The two animals took to each other so much that they decided to become neighbors. Buźka and Dzióbek spend a lot of time together and experience many happy adventures.

In each episode, the series shows that thanks to friendship and cooperation, it is possible to cope in any situation.

Beanie and Dreabie