Type of animation: 2D
Dialogues: Polish
Number of episodes: 26 (season 1–2 x 13)
Episode length: 10’
Directed by: varia
Production: Serafiński Studio
Production year: 2015–2019

“Agatka” is a film story full of colors and humor, in which the real world is as important as the imaginary one. The title protagonist is a little girl who embarks on numerous adventures along with her hamster Ciril. Although each time they start with events or objects from Agatka and her family’s daily life, the central part of the story takes place in the main character's imagination.

Trips to the lands invented by Agatka often help the girl solve the problems of the real world and understand everyday matters. They allow children to tame their fears, teach them responsibility and order. Agatka's adventures are enriched by additional characters appearing in subsequent episodes.

Agatka 1