Type of animation: CGI
No dialogues
Number of episodes: 78
Episode length: 90’'/5' (a series of 78 x 90’, a series of 26 x 5')
Directed by: Patrick Raats
Production: il Luster Productions (Netherlands)
Production year: 2013

Each episode is a mini-adventure that embodies the way a child would play with Stukotki. They play, discover the world and fall apart only to reassemble. Stukotki are four funny characters. Each of them is made of three or four separate, colorful discs that tend to fall apart unexpectedly, which usually leads to funny situations. In these short, simple and funny stories, young viewers of the series can find a reflection of their everyday childhood experiences.

In their adventures, Stukotki discover various objects and learn about sports. They are joyful, creative, empathic, but sometimes they get also angry or feel disappointed. However, what always comes first is friendship.