Format: documentary
Polish voiceover
Length: 11'20"
Directed by: Kolja Saksida
Production: ZVVIKS
Production year: 2017

A documentary revealing behind the scenes of the “Koyaa” series. It takes the viewer to the distant past, to the very beginning of the animated character named Koyaa, which is rooted in the childhood world of the creator of the show–– the Slovenian director Kolja Saksida.

The film is an opportunity to see the making of the series. The members of the film crew present the stages of creating a miniature world on the rock, the process of brining Mr. Raven to life and the secrets of the creation of the main character's doll or the sounds we hear in the series’ episodes. Thanks to the documentary, the viewers, guided by the voice of the narrator, will learn more about the magical world of both Koyaa and puppet animation in general.

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