Type of animation: puppet
No dialogues
Number of episodes: 8
Episode length: 3’
Available episodes: Playful shoelaces, Naughty toy car, Wild sun-lounger, Flying notebook, Mischievous stickers, Dancing socks, Unruly scarf, Gluttonous flower
Directed by: Kolja Saksida
Production: ZVVIKS
Production year: 2011–17

Koyaa and his friend, Mr. Raven, live in the mountains, high above the clouds. Away from the bustle of the city, they lead an adventurous life without an ounce of boredom. Koyaa constantly faces amazing events: every now and then, objects around him come alive and… start running around the protagonist, hide from him, make a mess at home or fly away into the clouds... The days of Koyaa and Mr. Raven are always filled with tremendous fun.

Koyaa NaughtyToyCar 002